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New wiki on tap for Monica Foster?

PWL should consider a new Monica Foster wiki to add to her collection. Something like “Monica Foster legal threats and problems” that outlines all the legal threats she has made and continues to make and her own legal problems and debts. One reason she left the West coast and lives as a recluse in Florida other than running out of money and resources and not having an income is because she has so many people wanting to serve her to her face, so we have heard. So she keeps a low profile and stays far away from those that may get to her if she shows up in public. She didn’t so much as bother to show her face in court in Las Vegas and maybe that’s why she never had a chance in that case. Judge Rob Bare must have seen that she didn’t give a shit enough to show up, why would he be lenient with her? $166,600.00 later and her finances are ruined.

It’s just getting to the point where her whole life is all about court dates and lawsuits and it would be smart to keep all of this nonsense in one place. See how much legal debt she can run up and how much time she can waste threatening others with frivolous suits.

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