My Sex with Eddie Dzial born Real Name Edward Bernard Przydzial – A Confession

I had Sex with Eddie Dzial born Real Name Edward Bernard Przydzial

I fucked this Half-polack Faggot in the ass and during this he was wearing the teasing lingery of his mother

He groaned and screamed: Call me Elizabeth , call me Elizabeth Brittany Liczbinski my daughters name!

So I called this Pansy Elizabeth

During this very brutal ass-fucking rampagne Edward lost the control of his intestine and stained my dick with his feces

I gagged this Faggot immediately and after he vomited

I continued to pound him from behind

To strengthen the Illusion of a Elizabeth I put a wig on his head and forced him to apply kajal and a lipstick

Edward said why you do that and screamed Im a gay Male Porn God and he did it like litte girl whose doll was taken away by an older boy

And I reacted a little bit aggressive and answered him that he was just a Faggot but I also said that he will become rich, will get married two times and will have children
but when he nearly suppressed the Faggotry he would become to the Fag again that he was at the moment.

Edward cried like a little girl after the act and although it disgusted me I felt beholden to comfort this gay boy so I embraced him and fondled him over his hair.

I asked Edward : Why I had to call you Elizabeth ?

Edward answered me: Elizabeth is the my daughters name

She is a pretty and fat American heffer spoke Edward in tears on

I told him that he would get violent towards her in future

But Edward didnt understand what I mean

Yes I had Sex with Edward

It happened in Edward apartment

I knew that this affected the old man and would later rape his own daughter and then hide outside the USA from the FBI and DOJ.

I stand up and went to the door

Edward asked: Will we ever meet us again Julian?

I said: Yes we will meet us and then I closed the door

Yes it will happen soon I whispered to myself

and during that I heard Edward saying: Im OK with it

In this Porn Movie of the year 2009 I will cuck Edward

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