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More fraud from Epoch LLC Merchant credit card processing company!

Even more fraud from Epoch LLC Merchant credit card processing company! WTF these guys are serious fucking fraudster scammers!!!!! BEWARE If you see Epoch or there logo somewhere on a website. Better you just go to another site!

“Epoch.Com, Unauthorized billing of Mastercard by several sites in one day. Internet”

I logged onto my bank account on the April 7th 2008 to check the status.

I noticed something called “Supportsw.Com 8007555” which took off 50.07 EURO from my account. I went to the site to see what it was, and it wasn’t anything I’ve ever seen before or ordered from. Shortly after, I called my bank and said what happened. The bank then cancelled my Mastercard and asked me to come over to the bank the next day.

April 8th 2008
I went over to the bank as they asked me to, and they printed out a status of my account, where I noticed 4 more billings from 4 different “companies”:

Centhelp.Com – USD 24,95
Clkbank*com 684j9kpd – USD 124,94
Epoch.Com – DKR 495,83
Teh Network Llc (Yes, it says “Teh”) – USD 139,99

Apparently, since the bank status info is a bit delayed, all of them took place April 7th 2008 before the Mastercard got cancelled.

I’ve filled out some papers at the bank, and currently waiting to hear from them.


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