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Monica Foster is not a happy camper these days. She is 38, living with mom, in debt up to her droopy tits and about to get hammered again by the Randazza Legal Group in 10 days. On top of this, she is still butt hurt over Donald Trump’s win and pissed that she is getting pummeled on PWL and its sister sites.

She has been going at it hard and heavy on Twitter lately under yet one more of her bullshit accounts, she’s gotta have 20 different sign ons. Anyway, she has to have been going at this for the last several days with no sleep, food or bathroom breaks. So there she sits in a puddle of her own piss and shit hammering away at keys and pouring her anger out onto the page with absolutely no way of reversing any of the damage she has done to herself. Gotta be tough.

We invite everyone to visit the link to the wiki at the top of this page where you can read her many wiki pages. Her crimes wiki has about 20,000 views and her main wiki is coming in at around the 300,000 mark. She’s basically ruined for life and has no prospects for a better life, career or family/husband/boyfriend.

Anyway, check back for more about this witch and also check the sister sites out at, and

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