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Monica Foster’s “Directors want me to work for them badly” lie

Monica Foster hasn’t moved one inch in about 8 years. She still thinks XXX is the same as it was in 2009 when she started. Look at all the failed studios and how tube sites have taken over and how performers make most of their money from camming and escorting – two areas where Foster has already failed. Now she wants to lie and say “directors” want her to work for them badly and call her all the time, OK, so post some proof. Better yet, don’t bother as she could easily write up a fake document and claim it came from a director or XXX big shot.

Bottom line, she was onto something when she left XXX as it’s filled with high risk HIV fags (Although this is right up her alley as she likes these guys) and she could have probably done OK in escorting and camming with a better attitude. Her attitude stinks and she flopped off camera as bad as she flopped in front of it. Then she went on social media and smeared everyone she came across in XXX just because she was pissed off at the world. She pulled a Colin Kaepernick and flipped off her industry on the way out and now no one will touch her or Kaepernick with a 10 foot pole. She is screwed because with all her wikis and ripoff reports and lawsuits, no one would ever deal with her. What director would hire her knowing she will just threaten to sue him after the shoot is over for any random reason? She threatens random Twitter users with lawsuits just for responding to her comments about them and threatens web sites for running articles about her when she does the same.

No one buys DVDs or even joins sites anymore with free tube site porn and cam sites like MyFreeCams. 38 is ancient and she isn’t very attractive. Directors could do better than her just choosing someone off the street and avoiding all the hassles she brings to the table. She once claimed to have an almost perfect rating on Naughty America but a closer look showed that she had under 100 votes on that site. The top girls on that site had the same rating and over 10,000 votes. She is small potatoes and gets way too much play on sites like this. Readers here and porn fans in general don’t care about this has been. If she says she is in demand she is lying because porn fans don’t want to see her work and that has been proven by the response to her body of work in XXX scenes, escorting and camming and her other post XXX endeavors.

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