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Monica Foster keeps tweeting about “MPH,” Matty Paul Holder – Just stop it. This is a man with a family and a wife that he sleeps next to every night. You hug your pillow and masturbate while thinking of him and show pictures of your unshaven crotch while mentioning him, this is way beyond a fatal attraction. Maybe if you worked on your life you could get another MPH and start getting laid and move on from all this. But here’s the catch – No man will support you. You won’t get that kind of man. You must lower your standards. You will need to be a two income couple so you will need to roll up your sleeves and get a real job. Attractive and relatively young white collar professional men are out of the question for you. Expand your search to include black men. Yes, many black men are violent deadbeats and cheapskates but you aren’t all that yourself. Seek out blue collar types and artist types. Do not rule out alcoholics and drug addicts as you are one of those also and have something in common with them. Look for men that don’t want kids as that ship has sailed for you. You are unfit to be a parent. You can do this if you just get over the MPH hurdle and move on. He didn’t want you, he has another woman and a child now. Time to accept this.

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