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Monica Foster real name Alexandra Melody Mayers and Timothy Charles Holmseth libeling judge Michael G. Kaplan of Broward County, Florida – “Connected to CIA child trafficking operation”

We all here know about Alexandra Melody Mayers and her Mother Joan Rucker Mayers stalking and libeling from 623 Nw 47th Ter Deerfield Beach, FL and there connection to other stalkers like them online. This is what got Alexandra sued to the tune of 166k USD by Attorney Marc Randazza. This is what gets her and her family kicked just about everyday here on PWL.

Well after doing some looking around and research I found out a few shocking things. Both Alexandra Melody Mayers and her mother Joan Rucker Mayers have a long history of fails in broward county court with Judge Michael G. Kaplan. Search here to see and you will get:

FMCE05003223 Alexandra Melody Mayers Petitioner vs. Catalin Mihai Popoviciu Respondent Dissolution of Marriage 03-03-2005 Disposed
DVCE06006581 Alexandra Mayers Petitioner vs. Todd Bilbrey Respondent Domestic Violence 10-16-2006 Disposed
DVCE17003651 Alexandra Mayers Petitioner vs. Marc Randazza Respondent Stalking Violence 05-11-2017 Disposed
DVCE17003653 Alexandra Mayers Petitioner vs. Donald C Seoane Respondent Stalking Violence 05-11-2017 Disposed
CACE06017406 Washington Mutual Bnak Plaintiff vs. Juanita E Bennett, et al Defendant *Real Property MTG Foreclosure + (prior to 1/1/10) 10-31-2006 Reclosed Case
13037219TI20A State of Florida Vs Mayers, Joan Rucker Traffic Infractions 06-20-2013 Disposed
14017109TI20A State of Florida Vs Mayers, Joan Rucker Traffic Infractions 03-12-2014 Disposed

and funny enough Joan Rucker Mayers more recent case from last year lying to the court and judge Michael G. Kaplan about Donny Long has dispersed off the courts website after it was thrown out by Kaplan.

If you search this Judge Michael G. Kaplan you will find this page

and inside you will find shocking stuff like this posted on October 26, 2017, 9:20 A.M. CST

“Is Judge Michael G. Kaplan in Broward County, Florida knowingly involved in an international kidnapping and baby sales operation?  

It seems a given that Kaplan is involved in something very nefarious that should be investigated by the United State Department of Justice.  “

Well if you read the whole page you can clearly see Alexandra’s writing and speech patterns EVERYWHERE but this post and the whole site is written in this guy

Well after doing even more research I found this:

“Monica Foster interviews Timothy Charles Holmseth posted October 23, 2017

Now notice the date? 3 days before Timothy posted libelous shit about this judge. The same judge Alexandra keeps going in front of with lies and asking him for help he cant give her because she is a mentally ill lying nutcase.

I personally think it was Alexandra that wrote this about poor Judge Michael G. Kaplan in Broward County, Florida.  EVERYONE that has EVER had anything to do with any of the Mayers family seems to just get a bunch of SHIT! Lets hope judge Kaplan locks her up once and for all where she belongs.

We have nothing against Judge Michael G. Kaplan and think he is just another victim of the mentally sick ill liberal black privileged piece of shit that is Alexandra melody Mayers.

Kaplan if you are reading this give Attorney Marc Randazza that sued Alexandra for libel a call he would love to speak with you about the Mayers family and there crimes and how she is libeling you now.

Signed, Will

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