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Monica Foster keeps denying that her uterus is barren

Foster, we ALL know that your uterus is barren and that you’re unable to have kids. Even though, with your bad genes and financial woes, a child in your womb would be sentenced to a life of hardship. A child that would inherit your bad genes would have to work manual labor like moving furniture or scrubbing toilets or wouldn’t work at all and would live off the dole. Your child would be sentenced to a childhood of riding the short bus, having a learning disability, unattractive, not being athletic, all this plus more all because of your bad genes. No Foster, you’re not childless by choice and no you will never have kids. 361 days until age 40 when conceiving is nearly impossible. Oh, you can give us all the anecdotal evidence you want and bring up celebrities who have had kids after 40 with their endless resources and all the best doctors but you aren’t them and you have a better chance to win the lottery than you do of getting a rich and handsome white man to knock you up so you can punch out a couple of mystery meat kids. Good luck.

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