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Monica Foster is trolling PWL hard

Come on now, no one is this dumb, not even Monica Foster. Monica Foster’s IQ is around 85 but she’s still not thick enough to believe that she will score a victory against PWL or anyone writing things about her on the internet. Yes, she is pissed that she can’t wipe the truths about her off this site and that a simple Google search puts her out of the running for any job, dating opportunity or business dealing, however, she still loves attention and boy is PWL giving it to her. Look, her legal threats are frivolous so put that out of your minds. There are no upcoming court dates. PWL is being trolled by her, plain and simple.

Now, with all that said, what pisses her off the most is when PWL promotes active XXX performers and their endeavors, especially black performers. This serves a few purposes: 1. She sees that there are indeed successful black XXX stars and that racism didn’t hold them back and 2. She can’t claim this is a racist site if there are positive articles about black performers here (And she thrives off the race card) and 3. She becomes green with envy watching women who are part of an industry that she hates, thrive. She has already threatened two XXX stars that she is jealous of because PWL wrote about and promoted them. Misty Stone and Nyomi Banxxx, both who have endorsements and business endeavors were on the receiving end of her nonsense but as they are too busy with their projects, they both ignored her threats and this shut her down. PWL needs to do the same to her with regards to these “Court date” claims.

She has no case and she knows it. No one has been served. We saw Marc Randazza’s case against her play out over a 2 year period and she thinks she’s getting something done in a week? Worst. Troll. Job. Ever. Keep writing about her other failures but just stop validating this “court date” nonsense. She’s just sore that she caught it in the butt for libeling people online and now she’s trying to do the same to others. She can play it off all she wants but that $166,666.00 weighs on her mind at every moment of every day. As we mentioned before, she doesn’t have a lawyer, doesn’t know the law, has no money for a lawyer and was told to fuck off by her mother, whose money she wants to use to hire a lawyer. This is just a waste of her time even though she has an endless supply of it and is a huge waste of PWL’s time. #Thereisnocourtdate #AlexandraMayersisatroll

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