Monica Foster aka Alexandra Melody Mayers Mental illness and Down Syndrome Run wild in Denial! Claims Heather Deep has Down Syndrome LOL


While child abusing Down Syndrome scumbag Joan Rucker Mayers keeps funding her Down Syndrome daughter Alexandra Melody Mayers terrorism online of lies, slander, libel and criminally stalking others, her failed hooker daughter Alexandra Melody Mayers aka failed whore name Monica Foster just cant get the people she is jealous of, that beat her, out of her head. She sits all day and night everyday sitting in Joan’s basement dreaming up bullshit about them that could never be even close to true but funny part is much of it is true for Monica like having Down Syndrome!

Her latest failed stunt is running making false reports that the mans wife that rejected her, Heather Deep has Down Syndrome lol. Yea seriously she made a long video today claiming this saying she was going to report it ahahhaa. FUCKING NUTBAG! Donny Long a man that rejected Monica and took a big public steaming shit on her and still does has a cute young smart wife from Thailannd named Heather Deep that is everything Monica wanted to be but that Monica failed at. A wife, a loving caring mother, a successful porn star, wealthy, word travelers and on and on.

One look at Heather Deep’s Instagram or Donny Long’s Instagram or Heather and Donny’s youtube channel  and you can see what dreams are made of and how anything that wacked out nutbag Down Syndrome idiot Monica says is a total lie and a dream. Monica seriously needs mental help and we all know this but would love to see this cunt bashed in the face with a hammer better yet. Better yet it would be a dream to see her mother Joan and her beaten to death in the faces a slow painful death! Hey you stupid niggers that was in no way a threat but we do dream it would happen to you so go ahead and run to the police and courts and LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE some more saying we threatened you AHHAHAHAA FAILED AGAIN YOU DUMB DOWN SYNDROME NIGGERS! Joan Mayers that married homosexual ivan Leacock Mayers and got pregnant not once but 2 times from the faggot right before he ran off to live in Texas with his underage boyfriend leaving her high and dry to raise the two kids on her own is a dumb piece of shit. We do believe not just Alexandra but Joan as well do have Down Syndrome not just from seeing and listening to them online but also from all the mountain of fails and a decade of still kicking themselves popping off. I mean seriously who else is dumb enough to keep kicking the bull this many times for this many years? NOBODY ONLY THEM!

Whats more funny is watching these two dumb niggers every day and night blame Donny Long for what I post and run to the courts and cops and lie about it with zero fucking proof all because they are too fucking stupid to know who the fuck I am and others here are and relize how many people want them dead that they have libeled!!!! DANCE YOU DUMB MONEY DOWN SYNDROME NIGGERS DANCE!

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