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Monica Foster “Aging out” of relevance

One reason that Monica Foster has received no attention in the Whore Hunting forum during our social experiment (158 views/0 replies) is because she is past her sell by date. She is a rotten egg. She is sour milk. She is beginning to get to an age where women in the business are no longer relevant and by the business I mean all forms of online smut. The L.A. porn industry long ago chewed her up and spit her out and now other parts of the business are swallowing her.

There is no mystery behind her either. It is all laid out there online, the whole ugly details of her every day “life” are an open book but make no mistake, the games and BS get less cute as a woman ages. We don’t know at what age a woman should tone down her activities on social media but she’s there. She has claimed victory over her online enemies many times but the jokes will soon begin to write themselves with her turning 40 next year and nowhere for her to go but down. This is going to be a fun year to crap on her but after she’s 40, do we really need to be dumping on an elderly single woman?

Her comments about people wanting her to die are only because the walls are closing in on her. Outside of a miraculous court victory over someone wealthy who would have to then be ordered to give her a lump payment and not small payments over 20 or 30 years, the jig is up. Even horny perverts like those in our Whore Hunting forum won’t turn their heads for this woman. She would be treated like a leper if she dared attend AVN. She is nearly invisible and pissing in the wind with her cries for attention and ending it all, while not encouraged by us, may be her only way off the sinking ship that is her “life.” Stay tuned…

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