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Monica Fostard turned on by balding scam bag attorney scammer, liar, cheat, fraud! … #creepypornattorney #creepypornlawyer she is turned on by this scum bag @alexmayerslive … as she drools over the fake balding creep scum bag… her type of white trash. he will lose his law practice i predict over this!

NOTE: Some men can pull off the bald look but not that attorney. He looks like a penis with ears or a rat or something. He is one ugly motherfucker and she is only “turned on” by him because he is part of this whole anti-Trump movement and she suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). Patrick Stewart does look good bald and is a good looking guy but she is only attracted to his $70 million dollar net worth. Total gold digging whorebag.

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