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Mentally Sick Stalker loser scumbag failure Monica Foster aka Alexandra Mayers just too dumb to get it

After seeing her video that was posted here and blog about her usual bullshit lies first of all as all fags and faghags and whores lie lie lie lie lie lie lie and dont know how to do anything more I want to say this stupid whore and her openly gay homosexual father Ivan Leecock Mayers of Texas are proof that this is true. This dumb failed whore has been yelling for almost ten fucking years police, FBI, courts and all kinds of shit that are nothing more than fagshit whore lie lie lie lie lie. Remember when she claimed God Long couldnt come to the USA and his wife either and that they would be arrested at the airport and that they had HIV and that his wife was underage and that he was sex trafficking her and all the other shit? What happened? He made a video in the USA with her taking a blood test and then showed his verifiable test showing they were both in USA and both HIV negative. Remember when she yelled about Tompkins and she was going to sue him and take his kids away and have him jailed and had him in court and all sorts? What happened there? NOTHING IT WAS ALL A LIE! Remember when she attacked Dave from TLC and said she was going to have him jailed and that he was doing all these illegal things and that she was going to own him and drag him in court bla bla bla? What Happened? NOTHING IT WAS ALL A LIE ALSO! Remember when she attacked Kelli the blogger and made all those threats to sue her and ruin her life and bla bla bla bla and what happened? NOTHING IT WAS ALL A LIE ALSO! Sort of like when she took that fake rubber check from a John and went public as a hooker that took a bad check and threated that she was going to sue the John and have him put in jail and become famous and rich off the whole thing. What happened? He claimed bankruptcy and she got owned again and NOTHING IT WAS ALL A LIE ALSO! What about the lawyer she attacked and then went as far as attacking his wife and claimed she was going to ruin them and have them sued and jailed and bla bla bla! What happened there? She got her ass sued and has a judgement against her for $166,666,66 so she cant even own property without it being taken. SHE IS A HUGE MOUND OF FAIL AT EVERYTHING SHE DOES! I can go on and on about this dumb whore but as always all she does is kick herself and her whole loser family.

I saw her angry and tweeting yet again claiming she was going to shut up and get offline and stop tweeting and making videos like she has threatened countless times but again this morning I saw a new video this morning with more lies and attacks and libel where she just doesnt shut up. I watched the video and this is what I got from it!

She is” “very upset and angry and frustrated and disappointed.”
“Wanted to make another video so” she can be kicked.
WAAA WAAA WAAA Had to remove a video where she stalked someone and ruined his rep attaching herself to him.
She claims as always she is great and she is a success bla bla bla but reality is she failed out of porn, failed at being a hooker taking checks and then failed and couldnt get any tips or tokens as a cam model.
Then she Failed at being a Artist, writer, singer, blogger and everything else bla bla bla. She claims she succeeded with this or that but she has done nothing but fail while living and hiding in mama’s basement, Joan Rucker Mayers the faghag failed hooker and failed school teacher that married Alexandras openly gay father Ivan Leecock Mayers the homosexual which is also a HUGE loser that ran off sucking cock and taking hiv cum in his ass instead of raising his two loser daugthers Alexandra Melody Mayers and Victoria Mayers.

She then goes on whining about how others hit back when she stalks them. She can dish it out but cant take it. She claims others are entitled but she is the entitled black women living with mama. She stalks and accuses people of things like pimping or running or owning a website but she has no proof at all. She begged the biggest pimp god in porn to pimp her out and get her hooking jobs and he turned her down and now she attacks and stalks him. Just like everything else she does and been sued for already to the tune of $166,666,66 she is just stalking and libeling innocent people she is jealous of and keeps kicking herself when they hit back.

She claims people want her to work for them and that everyone is jealous of her ahhahahahahaha. Reality check! Nobody wants to be a failed broke black hooker living with mama you dumb fat ugly whore. She keeps saying she is soooo ANGRY well thats great! DANCE DUMB WHORE DANCE!

This dumb fucking retard still has not learned this after how many years now. Just shut the fuck up and remove everything out there on the web you put up libeling everyone and stop putting your foot in your own mouth and kicking your whole ugly failed loser family. THEN EVERYONE WILL LEAVE YOU ALONE! Anyways I have to run out for a while and will kick this dumb whore again in my next blog post if she pops off at her ugly fag fuck hole in her crosseyed monkey face. See ya soon Monkey!

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