Meggan Mallone strung out junkie and plays the victim

As someone else stated Meggan Mallone is a strung out junkie addicted to pills and meth. Meggan is good at playing the victim in her life and blames everyone else for why she lost all legal custody of her son and daughter who she does nothing to see. She pretty much forgot about them and would rather get passed around the porn industry to fags like Kyle Mason and whoever else believes her lies. Meggan is poison she doesn’t care for anything or anyone, but she acts like she does. But how can someone not care about the well being of their own kids. She was known to be a major drug addict when she got into the industry the first time, people knew then she was a wreck. All she seems to do now is get passed around so she can have a place to stay, she is a hooker to support her habit instead of supporting her son and daughter. Pretty good mother there right. Lol. Meggan will lie cheat steal but blame everyone else for her misery. Watch out people Meggan Mallone is garbage.

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