Meggan Mallone another faghag, drug addict, deadbeat mother and prostitute


Drug addict Meggan Mallone is another faghag who fucked numerous fags most recently Kyle Mason aka Lucas Knight. She is fucking him in her personal life. Everyone that has been in the industry knows meggan has had a drug problem from the beginning, people in the know understand how messed up meggan is, how careless she is and how she will put everyone at risk. She got came back to the industry because she had no place to go and no one wanted her in their life. Seems like she had a great life with Bskow but he smartened up and divorced her. Guess she lost all custody of her child with him and then she fucked some other guy right away and was prego within a couple months. To what I understand she lost all custody of that kid as well. How the fuck does a mother lose all custody and rights of not 1 but 2 kids in Ca, you have to be serious fucking loser. She post pics of herself going to parties, sucking dick including fag Kyle Mason and posting herself on the luxury companion. But don’t see her posting pics of her kids or wanting to improve her life anything. Not sure what type of a human being leaves their kids and never wants to see them. All she has to do is pay child support to see her kid but she would rather fuck and suck guys like Kyle Mason. Check this out the comments are priceless from people who seem to know her.
Meggan plays the victim very well, but according to court docs on, seems like almost every guy she get involved in there is a restraining order involved first she tries to get ROs on guys then they get them on her. Meggan doesnt care for her own kids why do people actually care about their safety.

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  1. Have heard a lot of bad things about her drug abuse for years. Such a beauty but she is a has been and the drugs messed her up

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