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Donny Long is the type, if people aren’t harassing him and talking about him and posting the same old cliches of him living in a mud hut or a trailer, he goes about his business. Now, we will say that the crossovers and gay mafia do live in his head a bit but to be fair, they cost him a lot of money. Alexandra Mayers hasn’t had a thing to do with porn arin 10  years and doesn’t even want to be called by her porn name but she is constantly trying to get Donny in court for god knows what reason. If she had a life she would leave the situation alone and just live her own life and forget about Donny but she has no life so she stalks and harasses him and yes, he does live in her head rent free. Now for our challenge:

Let’s see which of these two can go the longest without talking about the other. We are pretty sure Donny can win this one easy as many times he goes off the internet for days at a time while Mayers can’t stop posting online for even a single day.

Challenge is on now and we will keep you posted on who wins. Oddsmakers have Donny a 50:1 betting favorite for this one.

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