She doesn’t live rent free in anyone’s head. As mentioned earlier, if she wasn’t so obsessed with porn, Donny Long, PWL and filing bogus court cases, this site would never mention her and she would fade away into the history books of porn flunk outs. If she wasn’t trashing porn all day, she would have nothing to post about since she has absolutely no life. She has threatened to stop, but then she wakes up the next day with nowhere to be and nothing to do and it starts all over again. Her rent is paid via all the time she spends tweeting and blogging about this place. None of what is posted here is unprovoked. We usually ignore her but then someone sends in one of her posts and we respond. Don’t flatter yourself to think we check your repetitive, depressing feed all day.

Now as for her becoming powerful due to the new wiki, if her 300,000 view, 10 year old wiki couldn’t get her famous, nothing can. Sorry, we tried but no one is interested.

As for the new wiki, we plan to update it with her own racist tweets so she can’t claim what is written there is made up. She can do the work for us and write her own wiki. She is a racist, she is a sexist and that wiki will document it and she won’t be able to say it is untrue because it will be in her own words. Stay tuned.

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