Mayers is trolling hard but no one’s falling for it

Sean in 10 years


On a side note I’m dead serious about @TFPWL being supernaturally good looking. He’s an interesting case… kinda like Dwayne Johnson & Keanu Reeves. Every once in a while the powers that be create a man like him. Part of the reason I believe he decided to get to know women 1/2

I mean, really? How dumb does she think people are? She has made it abundantly clear that she finds bald men absolutely gross and disgusting yet Tompkins is as bald as an eight ball and that was revealed in a photo posted here on PWL in 2015 from Lucky’s in Las Vegas. The light was not flattering to his hair situation. Ever since, we never see him without a hat. She either wants something from him or she is trolling but in no way does she find this 50+ bald White man attractive. #FAKENEWS


If you dislike or hate me, just hate on me. Unjustly attacking my family, friends, activists I support, Twitter crushes, etc is a bitch move. I don’t expect most people to like me. Only the extremely rare, special, exceptional & elite in this world #love #AlexandraMelodyMayers.

But then she attacks Donny Long’s wife and calls her a “Mail order bride. #BitchMove

Then she screen shotted one of our blog headline and posted this:


silly hater – why attack @TRPWL? He doesn’t need hair because the #fact is, he has an almost supernaturally handsome face. It’s kinda to his detriment how handsome he is, because if he literally just stands there women accuse him of being “sexually suggestive”. Don’t be jealous.

She has already attacked Tompkins’s looks many times, fat shamed him, photo shopped him, made fun of his Southern redneck drawl, etc so save the trolling. We are just following what she has posted about her criteria for men. Tompkins doesn’t make the cut. Bald men in her own words are disgusting and undateable. White men in her own words have small penises and she doesn’t want their gross pink dicks near her. We  are simply repeating what she has posted hundreds of times over the years. She should not troll so hard. That last line was out there. Even the best looking 20 something men wouldn’t be accused of such a thing, never mind a bald 50 something with a dad bod. Is she drunk or on drugs tonight? This is out there. You almost have to give her credit for the effort.

That’s all for now. Most visitors here would rather watch those porn star recipes than look at the train wreck that is the Alexandra Mayers Trolling Show. But as for what she said about Donny’s $10 gas station sunglasses, they weren’t bad looking and he can pick up another 10 pairs cheap in different styles for his long road trips. Only a n*g spends big money on sunglasses.

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