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Marsha May real name Bianca Byndloss is a convicted pedo that is serving 10 years of probation for her role in a Miami Beach hotel sex orgy that included her adult scumbag friends Brian Yates and Christian Hernandez and three minors.

What is interesting about this is that the pedophilia obsessed failed XXX performer Monica Foster real name Alexandra Mayers has said not one peep about this even as Byndloss has been tried and convicted. This proves Monica Foster could not care less about the welfare of children and only accuses people of this heinous crime (Without ever having proof) to try to permanently damage their reputation and make them as miserable and worthless as she is. She has no beef with Byndloss so she remains silent. Everyone she has beef with gets accused of this.

We urge everyone here that reads this to write a letter to Judge Rob Bare ahead of Ms. Mayers March court date and tell him what a heinous, vindictive, lying woman she is and maybe we will all get lucky and have him throw the book at her.

ATTENTION Judge Rob Bare
Regional Justice Center, Courtroom 3C
200 Lewis Ave.
Las Vegas, NV

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