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Mark Spiegler of Spiegler girls repping faggots in dresses now, Meet…..

Gay Jew child rapist suitcase pimp Mark Spiefler of Spiegler girls is now repping and pimping out faggots in dresses. His latest victim he is pimping out is Abella Danger which use to be a gay man. Its a faggot with a pussy and Mark knows it. Just look at the photo below.


The amount of companies hiring this gross STD ridden THING is shocking and just shows where the industry has gone. Maybe this thing will give a gift that keeps giving to one of the closet faggot male talent its fucking!

We are working on getting its real name and ID’s to release to the public because anyone being pimped out by that gay Jew child rapist including this faggot needs a kick. Your welcome Spiegler. Also can anyone tell us if Spieglers address is still The Mercer, 22100 Erwin St. #221, Woodland Hills, CA 91367 we have some letters for his neighbors we want to send out through Facebook!

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