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Long vs Mayers: Who’s winning?

The rivalry between Donny Long and Alexandra Mayers-Monica Foster has gone on for around 7 or 8 years now so who’s winning the battle? We discuss below.

Mayers is always miserable

This woman is miserable all the time. There’s always someone she is trying to go after and sue for something and she hasn’t successfully sued anyone yet. No one has done anything to her except defend themselves against her attacks and cheap shots. She files more new legal bullshit every time someone trolls her online and it never works.

Donny Long seems happy and active in many of his videos.

Advantage: LONG

Mayers is always alone

Donny posts video of himself with his wife and out at events, Mayers posts always show her alone. She makes posts that claim she is out in public but these are never accompanied by any photos. When she does snap photos she is either in a bathroom taking a selfie in a dirty mirror or outside with no one else in sight. This woman is the biggest loner ever.

Advantage: LONG

Mayers lost in court

Mayers got kicked in the head to the tune of $166,600 for libeling a woman. Donny has not been sued in this manner and every time she tries to go after him, she fails. Since she lost in court, nothing Mayers says now can be taken seriously. Her credibility went out the window when this judgement was handed to her. She is #FakeNews of the highest order and there are documents that prove it.

Advantage: LONG

Mayers lives with her mother

She claims Donny moves between different Airbnbs but so what if true? He isn’t sponging off his elderly retired mother like her.  A woman that worked her whole life should not have to support her lazy middle aged daughter in retirement. She couldn’t rent an outhouse and even her car (Owned by her mother) is too small for her to sleep in. If her mother threw her out tonight, she wouldn’t have a pot to piss in.

Advantage: LONG

Mayers is single

Mayers can pop off about Donny’s wife but at least he has a wife. Mayers is 39 and single. That’s a bad look. Mayers hasn’t had a serious boyfriend probably ever. The porn camera man that she still mentions to this day was an ordinary looking fellow and not up to the standard that she thinks she is deserving of. When has she ever gone out with an attractive man? They simply don’t want her.

Advantage: LONG

Donny can still make porn

Donny runs the and still shoots porn. Mayers wants to claim that he is blackballed but when will this grandma get with the program? Porn sites and DVDs are out. Its all about camming (Which she failed at) clips stores, onlyfans and what not. Popular performers also escort which is another thing she failed at. She can’t cam anymore because people will make fun of how fat she is. She is only trying to get in shape to spite her enemies.

Advantage: LONG

Donny wrecked her reputation forever

Donny lured Mayers into a call in which she threatened to kill and disfigure him and his kid and his wife. The call was recorded and will be posted on this site until the end of time. Any claims that she is being stalked and harassed will never be taken seriously as she is clearly the aggressor and is very violent. What she said in this call debunked her victim bullshit. She is the stalker and aggressor. Courts agree as every time she files something, she fails.

If you listen to Call #1, which is pinned to the PWL homepage, Donny sat back and let Mayers threaten him as much as she wanted to during the call and had her do most of the talking while he stayed calm and said very little. Now her violent and criminal behavior all out there for everyone to hear. Donny knew what he was doing. A masterful performance. He sucked her in and let her bury herself.

Advantage: LONG


Donny Long TKO


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