Lily Adams real name Haley Boswell is a Faghag


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Kyle Mason:

Carlo Carrera:

Ryan Driller:

Criss Strokes:

Oliver Flynn:

Seth Gamble:

Johny Castle:

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2 Comments on "Lily Adams real name Haley Boswell is a Faghag"

  1. What is this? Time era 1975?? If you hate gays so much or bisexuals but have no issues with lesbians then you must be one of those closeted Republicans that pop in the news now and then who promote “family values” but always seem to end up in scandals with prostitutes either male or female and sometimes underage ones at that or paying their mistresses to get abortions.

    Cross over porn stars are nothing new, so don’t pretend that it is.. Testing is done in both gay and straight porn so don’t pretend that isn’t happening either and with companies such as MindGeek that are buying up both straight and gay porn studios, you will no doubt see more cross over porn stars..

  2. Fuck off Bran you faggot troll! Girl/Girl “sex” is even safer than hetero sex and in many countries where commiting sodomy has jail time it doesn’t even count!

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