LEAKED Monica Foster aka Alexandra Melody EXACT Location


LEAKED failed pornstar, failed hooker, stalker, harasser, libeler and just all around piece of shit Monica Foster aka Alexandra Melody Mayers EXACT Location!!!! What most brainless stupid faghag porn whores and porn faggot media dont know about IP addresses is that in most cases you cannot track a IP even to a city let alone to a house outside the USA. Inside the USA you can most of the time track it to the right city and sometimes track it to the general area or neighborhood. Well we have a team of straight male porn god PWL army members that have been tracking Monicas IP’s and more which will be released later. We think either Monica is at her mothers same address as before at 623 Northwest 47th Terrace, Deerfield Beach, FL or maybe her mom has moved closer to or inside the old folks area of Century Village. What do you think?

We have a Private Investigator tracking her closely now and will have more shocking info soon including video of her getting served with more lawsuits in Florida once we get them after the PI serves her. We are trying to also locate her mom, friends, and other family in the area to try and get video interviews from that will be released here.