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Lawyers are cockroaches that run when you shine light on them

What most people dont know is most lawyers are scumbag blood sucking scumbags that will do anything for a buck. They are worse than whores! What even more people dont know is when you shine a light on them and or threaten to ruin there scamming business they scatter and run like cockroaches much like whores do. See we here at PWL have had our share through the years of dealing with lawyers and each and ever time the lawyer ends up with his or her google footprint start to be ruined and then he or she runs and hides and begs for mercy. Two lawyers fucking with PWL right now are about to find this out the hard way. See the PWL army and our supporters have been told about them and more shit is going to pop up in google about them and their law firms than they could have ever dreamed of and they are about to be made famous but trust me when I tell you that its not a famous they want and not shit thats good. It will be funny when photochopped nudes of their wives get sent to everyone on there facebook friend list and thats just a start ahhahahaa. If I were them I would run and hide now before the shit spreads so far on so many websites that it can never be removed. TICK TOCK TICK TOCK AHAHHAHA PWL ARMY ALWAYS WINS!

PS, Dont even think you can track down or sue who or where this shit is coming from or where its getting posted to. We are anonymous pros at using google SEO and public sites and posting truck loads of crap everywhere that cant be tracked. We will put you out of business forever if you make us. Give up now while your ahead, just a word of advise.

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