Julian Assange hauled off in handcuffs. Donny Long next?


No sorry to get your hopes up Alexandra Mayers, Mike South, Christian Wians, never gonna happen because Donny Long did nothing wrong and is roaming around eating lobster on the beach and will do that as long as he feels like it. Every time the gay mafia thinks they have something on Donny, he videos himself somewhere new which proves they lied when they said he was “Banned from America, Wanted by the FBI.”

Mayers is deep in debt and lives with mama, South was thrown from the business and couldn’t raise more than $200 bucks of an asked for $25,000 legal fund after being sued ($13 of that was from Mayers herself) and Wians is an old man that can’t branch off from porn to save his blown out ass. This is what happens to all of Trump’s enemies too. Avenatti and the whole gang are going down. “Russia” was a complete hoax. Give these people the rope and they hang themselves.


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