Joan Rucker Mayers of 623 Northwest 47th Terrace Deerfield Beach FL going to be in trouble with Broward county AGAIN!

So porn’s criminal terrorist stalker Alexandra Melody Mayers aka failed hooker Monica Foster is still at it making her empty terrorist threats and videos online as she always does stalking, libeling, harassing and threatening people she is jealous of within the porn biz. In one of her latest fakenews videos she says AGAIN that straight male porn god fag Libtard stomper truth teller Donny Long is going to be in much legal trouble for stalking and libeling her and her family LOL. She said he is going to face criminal and civil action HAHAHAHHAA. Yea I know I know I know how many times have we heard this one from the bucked tooth cock eyed terrorist lying loser!

Remember the feds were going to get him at an American airport and he was scared to come back to USA and was hiding and wanted and on and on and on LOL. Remember he had AIDS and on and on and on. He debunked all that bullshit not only coming in the USA right through FT Lauderdale Airport but then took a video in Monica’s back yard at the Deerfield Beach Swap Meat calling her out to come face him and she ran to the cops and courts scared shaking in her rotten stank bush filled panties! He then took a video taking a blood test at TTS proving he was clean. BANG POW BOOM BANG SACKA LACKA! Wait I thought he was sex tracketing a minor [[His Wife]] and she was illegal in the country? More lies debunked remember? LOL This women only knows how to post her bitter dreams and lies.

Anyways I was talking to Donny Long and told him about what she said and he told me if he ever really gets bothered by her which he is not as she has failed to EVER affect him in any way then he would just simply walk into the Broward County Court house or have a lawyer do it for him and file a restraining order and criminal stalking charges if possible against not just Alexandra Melody Mayers but also her mother Joan Rucker Mayers AND Victoria V Mayers for threatening to murder him and his wife and kids. The criminal restraining order is cake but the criminal stalking and threatening charges are a little harder because they are black and in a protected class and the courts in Broward county are run by black racist mostly even though the judge is white.

Anyways it would be easy because they all live under the same roof and share the same IP internet connection which has been traced. He went on to state how stupid they were because he wouldn’t even have to show up to the hearing afterwards and could just call in or even have a lawyer call in when the Mayers showed up in person to make sure the order was made permanent. Something they both FAILED to do and Donny had the last laugh making them dance trying and failing costing them tons of time and money wasted LOL. See the way the court system works is they dont really care about any of this shit or who did what its just who has a current open file and who gets served but these dumb failed whores are too dumb to see this! At any time Donny could open a can of legal whup ass on all the Mayers and then if they ever said a word about him again BAM jail time. I begged him to do it but he said he doesnt have the time or interest as the Mayers are just not worth his time and dont affect him in any way other than giving him laughs and something to make fun of. Anywways we still would love to see Donny do this to the Mayers one day and maybe he will he said but not now.

As for ANY type of civil action its laughable, just like she was going to win against Marc Randazza right? LOL she lost tot he tune of 166k and has a judgement against her to this day she cant pay while she sits in mama Joans house living off mama and welfare and food stamps. Yea you and your tax dollars! Monica just shut your fat fuck hole in your ugly monkey face you failed whore. You are getting fatter and uglier by the day and all you do is not only embarrass yourself but your whole family as well.

Back to Joan Rucker Mayers that already has had much trouble in Broward county including being arrested on school property where she also lost her teaching job for not stopping for a school bus. She also already has a case record and history with Donny Long where she also FAILED! Anyways he also said if he wanted to he could could sue the person that pays the bill for the IP he has tracked where the libel and threats have come from which is Joan Rucker Mayers house where they all live but she pays the bill at 623 NW 47 Ter Deerfield Beach Florida so in the end Donny could have Joan hit with a permanent criminal restraining stay away order towards him and his wife and kids and then sue her and own her home and have the whole criminal terrorist monkey family thrown of the street all because of Alexandra’s big ugly mouth!


Joan Mayers, the weak and enabling mother that allows her terrorist daughter to conduct online terrorism and stalking from her home.

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