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Joan Rucker Mayers: Alexandra Melody Mayers aka Monica Foster Slammed with Protective Order by Las Vegas Court

Image courtesy of Alexandra Mayers's "Good Friend" TFPWL

You know when I was Joan Rucker Mayers the school teacher before I got caught giving my students to my gay husband Ivan Leecock Mayers for him to rape infront of me I use to have a good reputation. After I was fired both my daughters Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster and Victoria Mayers both became hookers and failed porn whores and everything seemed to have went to shit. Now I have to feed and house them and we are getting sued and attacked right and left because these dumb whores just cant shut the fuck up. Monica see what you are causing? DANCE MONKEY DANCE! Be sure and read all this below as much has been added and altered you dumb failed whore.

By July 25, 2014 11:45 am

Hate site owner and porn washout fails to show up for court date

Report by Michael Whiteacre and Cindi Spiegler

Clobbered by Justice crop reversed1 450x337 Monica Foster Slammed with Protective Order by Las Vegas Court

In a six-minute hearing before Judge Janiece Marshall in Las Vegas Justice Court, Friday morning, noted Nevada attorney Marc J. Randazza, his wife, and children, were issued an Order of Protection against hate site owner and lifelong failure Monica Foster a.k.a. Alexandra Melody Mayers and her mother Joan Rucker Mayers.

In May, the Randazzas filed  an Application for Order for Protection Against Stalking, Aggravated Stalking, or Harassment against the “obsessive” anti-semite and adult business washout, asserting that Foster

has engaged in a continuous and intentional pattern of harassment against Marc Randazza and his family, threatening him with physical violence and subjecting the entire family to a constant Internet attack. [FN1 This has included a constant barrage of attacks against his wife, accusing her of prostitution, and even attacking his five-year-old daughter by creating collages accusing the child of participating in a “gang bang”.] Applicant Marc Randazza seeks a Temporary Protection Order against Alexandra Mayers in order to put an end to the harassment Mayers has obsessively upon him and his entire family….

Beginning in February 2014, Mayers began posting twitter comments and drafting defamatory blog posts claiming that Jennifer Randazza has been involved in prostitution, organized crime, and pornography….

On April 10, 2014, in hopes of putting an end to the defamation and harassment, Jennifer Randazza filed suit in District Court in Nevada, for claims of defamation and false light…. Since Jennifer Randazza filed suit, represented by her husband, Applicant here, Marc Randazza, Esq., Mayers has again taken to the Internet to continue her campaign against the Randazzas, but this time with violent overtones.

On April 19, 2014, mere days after being served with the civil Complaint, Mayers instigated threats of violence, or even death, at Marc Randazza. She began making comments stating that she would attempt to infect Marc Randazza with HIV. This may be viewed in isolation as hyperbole, but taken in context with the barrage of threats that followed, this is just one of many examples. Minutes later, Mayers also stated “I have no issues with projectiles that travel around 681.8 MPH. I will only say this once … whatever you take from me, make sure it’s worth that projectile aimed at you :)”…. The message of this post is a threat of physical violence, or even death. Mayers is clearly threatening Randazza, alluding to using a firearm against him. The threat of retaliation with “projectiles that travel around 681.8 MPH” is a clear reference to muzzle velocity, implying that she would shoot Marc Randazza.

1 Randazza RO appl 450x555 Monica Foster Slammed with Protective Order by Las Vegas Court

The Randazzas asked the court to order Foster to “refrain from contacting, intimidating, threatening, or otherwise interfering with [them], either directly or through an agent”, and to issue a “stay away order” prohibiting Foster from venturing to the Randazzas’ home, Marc Randazza’s place of work, and the children’s schools.

Randazza also asked the court to direct Foster “to cease her online threatening and harassing behavior, including but not limited to: her Twitter account <@MonicaFoster>, her biogs and websites <jewishdirt.corn>, <randazzanews.corn>, <>, and <>.”

Foster was a no show at the June 19 TPO hearing originally set for the matter, and the case was rescheduled for today, July 25.

photo4 450x365 Monica Foster Slammed with Protective Order by Las Vegas Court

Today, the Randazzas’ counsel, Theresa Haar, informed the court that Foster had made a number of statements online threatening “substantial bodily harm” to Marc Randazza after his wife, Jennifer, filed a civil suit against Foster for defamation.

“Since we served her with the TPO petition, it has escalated,” Haar told the court, noting that Foster had been posting online that she feels Mr. Randazza “is trying to take the internet away from her” which may lead her to feel suicidal, and “before she takes her own life, she would take the lives of all those she feels are, in her words, ‘the scum of the earth’.”

That group, argued Haar, includes the Randazzas.

The Court found that “an Order of Protection is warranted” and noted “the fact that Ms. Mayers chose not to be here after being properly served.”

Judge Marshall slammed the protective order on Foster, requiring her to stay away from the Randazza family, their residence, his place of business, and their children’s schools.

Due to the Order, an upcoming conference in the Randazza v. Mayers defamation suit will have to be rescheduled at a location other than the offices of Randazza Legal Group.

“Ms. Mayers is ordered to stay away from you. If you’re in the same public place, she is ordered to turn and walk the other way. This [Order] includes both the wife and the children. She’s also ordered to not communicate with you, not have any third parties speak with you, stay 100 feet away from you, and not post anything on social media directed towards you in any way.

The court’s Order will remain in effect for six months, at which time the Randazzas may re-file to extend it if necessary.

photo copy 450x600 Monica Foster Slammed with Protective Order by Las Vegas Court

Despite the clear signage outside the Regional Justice Center, Foster did not manage to find her way inside to attend today’s hearing. (Photo by Dr Cindi Spiegler)

UPDATE: Right on schedule, Foster took to Twitter in an attempt to spin today’s humiliating defeat.

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