James Deen aka Bryan Sevilla denied entry to England

Porn actor James Deen, whose real name is Bryan Sevilla has been denied entry into England and according to his blog and twitter he was given no reason why they would not allow him to enter the United Kingdom.

Did it have anything do with his association with Christian XXX aka Christian Michael Wians, who is known to gay escort in England?

Or was it that they found his wiki page that clearly states his real name, and they don’t want porn people working in their country?

Or was it his association with Mark Spiegler and anti-semitic Nazi porn?

From James Deen twitter:

  1. FREE AT LAST FREE AT LAST!!!!!!!!!! Going back to budapest passport in hand and only one night in airport jail needed about 11 hours ago via UberSocial
  2. I asked how many people get kicked out of england. I was told “you’re the first one all month” about 21 hours ago via UberSocial

  3. I have officially been kicked out of england about 21 hours ago via UberSocial

  4. i got stopped at the uk border control?????? why wouldn’t they let in a nice jewish boy like myself???

From our forums:

“A lot of ultra pc socialists are in power in the UK. They previously banned radio host Michael Savage from entering for being to un-pc. Look what happened when someone associated with Spiegler’s Nazi/anti-semitic porn tried to enter. It doesn’t matter if Rothstein is a jew himself. Jews like Michael Savage and Rothstein don’t get a free pass to be un-pc just because they’re jewish.”

Story developing…