NEW PHOTO: Ivan Leacock Mayers Houston Texas AIDS


We wanted to make a post and ask Ivan Leacock Mayers of 802 Lamonte Ln Houston Texas how his AIDS was coming along because a new picture has surfaced of him and the AIDS looks to be rotting him away! We see his daughter Alexandra Melody Mayers aka failed street whore Monica foster wants to keep kicking his dumbass because she still has all her libel up and still post more on a daily basis. Ivan are those AIDS meds working out for you? Can you do us a favor and evicted Alexandra from her mother Joan Rucker Mayers house at 623 NW 47 Ter Deerfield Beach Fl before you die so she can fend for herself at 40 years old like she should be and then she will only have the homeless shelters internet connection. Thank you Ivan

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