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Is this a Hate Crime?

A particularly offensive image has surfaced from one of the anti-Semitic porn projects Mark Spiegler and two Spiegler girls collaborated on. Here we have Jewish Spiegler client Dana DeArmond LICKING a Menorah in a sexual way while naked (in “Nice Jewish Girls”). It’s not even a 9 branch Hanukkah Menorah, which is the equivalent of a Christmas tree. IT IS A 7 BRANCH TEMPLE MENORAH!!!!!! This is the type that was used in the Tabernacle in the desert and the ancient Temple in Jerusalem. It is considered sacred and is the official symbol of the State of Israel.

Another Mark Spiegler girl disgracing the Jewish faith

One could argue that this image in and of itself is a hate crime. It’s like having a naked porn performer lick a Muslim koran. It could also be seen as a political statement about the State of Israel. Maybe Spiegler and DeArmond are leftist self-hating Jews like George Soros, who does everything he can to undermine Israel.

As far as we at PWL are concerned, the self-hating Jew Mark Spiegler is a profiteer of hate. He should crawl back under his rock.

(This blog update written and submitted by Bucky)

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