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How long until Alana Evans & APAG members turn against Alexandra Mayers?

We all know that it will one day happen, but how soon? We have witnessed so many people turn against Mayers due to her being a psycho nutjob. Many of these people include, Ari Bass, Sean Tompkins, Desi Foxx, Tiffany Foxx, Sunset Thomas, Karmen Karma, and even Jenna Jameson and the entire team Jenna club! The funny thing is, PWL has nothing to do with Mayers losing friends and associates, she loses them on her own!

As of right now, Alana Evans and the rest of the APAG members are just being nice to Fostard in an attempt to kill her with kindness so she won’t stalk them and their friends and family, like she has done! Now that screen caps of Mayers past terrorist threats and threats of physical violence is spreading in threads for the recent Broward County school shooting, does Alana Evans and APAG really want to be affiliated with a future murderer who has documented history of terrorist threats? Even court documented death threats thanks to Marc Randazza!

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