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How does Epoch support staff and CEO Joel Hall deal with clients? HERE’S HOW!

So I got this email from Donny Long and he sounds fucking pissed!!!!! I wouldn’t want to be this company or Joel Halls butt hole right now with whats coming from the rath of God Long! Anyways here it is!

When they are wrong about a matter they close your account and then fucking dodge and ignore you that’s how! After several emails into [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] asking for the email of CEO Joel Hall the boss of Chief Operating Officer Esther Martinez or a better way to contact him I get ignored after they closed my account for discriminating against me and nothing more.

I called down there and the first time was told he was at lunch to call back in a hour and I did and was told he was still out of the office. I called back in another 30 minutes and got told he still wasnt back. So I called back in another 30 minutes and got told he still wasn’t back. So I called back in another 30 minutes and got told this time he was in a meeting so I explained who I was and why I was calling AGAIN [which they already knew] and went on to explain that I wasn’t going away or going to stop till I spoke to CEO Joel Hall and the longer they played games dodging me the more shit would be thrown all around the internet about this matter and that in ten years I would still be throwing shit about there wrong doings till they atlest respond. I was told they would tell him and to try back later. So I called back in another hour and same Bullshit and was told he was given the message. Each time they said he didn’t have a direct contact email but this time she gave me his direct contact [email protected]

so I emailed him this:

Title: “Important matter about my Epoch accout and your staff”

Body: “Hi Joel,

Not sure if any of my many emails or many messages I left when I called in to the office have reached you or not but I have some issues with my Epoch account I need to speak with you directly about. Can you give me a direct contact and or the best time and way to reach you. 
Thank you, Donny Long”
Then in another hour I called again this time told he was gone for the day and wouldn’t be back till Monday. Well guess what Epoch that gives the whole fucking weekend for all my pissed of fans and friends to make you free sub domain .coms like and many more warning people not to deal with your bullshit scamming company and until Joel Hall responds I will not have anything nice to say and will not ask my friends and fans to stop the madness that will put your sorry asses out of business soon or later. Google is a powerful thing and you barked up the wrong fucking tree and kicked the wrong bull and ignoring me will only make things worse! Grow some balls and be a man and man up and speak and stop hiding you fucking punkass bitch cowards. If me or my company was wrong or even not wrong I would be the first to stand up and face the matter but I would never hide from it like a bitch!
Ill be waiting for a response Epoch and until then let the games begin! Just remember while your thinking to play more games with me and that I am some sort of joke that the combined traffic network of sites from,, and many more get over 20k unique visitors a day and almost half a million page views a day. I have many many friends including them and more covering this bullshit discrimination you are doing and only more will follow in coming days.
Yours Truley, God Long the gay mafia stomper


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