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HIV infested homosexual coward Eddie Dzial aka EDWARD BERNARD PRZYDZIAL fagnews aka fakenews DEBUNKED!

We all know how fags and whore do nothing but LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE and are a bunch of fakenews cowards that can only talk shit hiding behind their keyboard but when confronted in person they run like chickens. We all saw how Eddie was exposed as not being any kind of porn star or even porn performer and that no real porn site or porn company knew who he was or has him listed anywhere. Then last week it was exposed that gay stalker Eddie Dzial has been hiding because not only Donny Long and many others want to kill him but because the same police officer that arrested him for kid napping his wife also took Eddies wife and kid after the arrest and married Eddies wife and been banging his wife and kid every since 1988.

Before that we exposed Eddies IP we been tracking for many years that is in Athens Greece.

Like all fags Eddie just lies to cover up lies and claims to be in the USA and claimed to be at AVN and even claimed to be in Miami during the holidays but we all know this is only his gay dreams and just fagshit lies. Donny Long and others have been calling him out to prove he is in the USA but he refuses. If Eddie was in the USA he could post proof and we would stop posting about him but he wont because he cant. This old HIV infested faggot can only post photoshop gay fantasies and pictures from 30 years ago as he sits old now rotting in a wheel chair exiled from the USA hiding in Athens Greece dying of AIDS. If this was false he would do like Donny does every time someone post lies about him and Eddie would post video proof and prove he is not lying. You see Donny does this because Donny is no fag or a liar like Eddie but Eddie cant because he is a lying faggot! He is hiding in Athens Greece and this is a proven fact just because of the fact Eddie refuses to prove different other than posting lies saying he is in Fagaforina. Eddie come out your closet in Athens and come to USA and take your beating like a man punk. Donny Long, Rev and Officer William Liczbinski and many others want to have a talk with you punk. HAHAHAH HIDE BITCH HIDE!

Grandpa Dzial

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