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Heather Deep wakes up at 6:30 am and kicks the cross eyed buck tooth monkey still up stalking her and her husband from the night before

So mentally ill stalker lying criminal failed hooker Alexandra Melody Mayers aka Monica Foster and her mother the fired school teacher child rapist Joan Rucker Mayers are still up drinking box wine and smoking meth while tweeting at 6am about Donny. Not just tweeting but steeling Donny Long’s instagram videos and video editing them into a stalking targeted abuse hate crime video targeting God Long AGAIN. Yea these two losers spent the night editing up a video about Donny again ahhahaa. He lives in there head rent free. Wait arent they both running to broward county court lying to judge Michael G. Kaplan telling the court and him that Donny is stalking and harassing them? Isnt she filing papers every week and making court dates about him stalking them? Man someone needs to really have a talk with the state prosecutor.

Alexandra Mayers 37m
 Donny Long EDITED OUT BY MOD #racist #rant #hatecrime #truth #Florida #news #SouthFlorida #video


So Heather Deep wakes up and tweets this:

Good morning you all! I had a great sleep and its a great morning reading the news and watching the crosseyed monkey still dancing drunk and on drugs and awake in mamas house. How life gives us these treasures. ahahhaha”

When will Monica finally OD and or kill herself? Maybe she can off her mother first? This would be a epic news story. I can see the headline now.

BREAKING: Failed hooker daughter kills mother and herself and leaves note it was all her  mothers fault she was a broke failed, homeless and failed at 39 years old. Blames mother for marrying a homosexual that ran off and destroyed the family early on.
Please god please let this news break sooner than later.

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