“Hahaha Donny Long is such a loser – hilarious article” – Homosexual Democrat Christianx endorses The Daily Beast’s #FAKENEWS article

We don’t want to see Christianx Christian Michael Wians complaining that things on this web site about him are untrue like he did when he went whining to the fake news sites in 2011 if he’s going to endorse fake news articles from The Daily Beast. It WAS a hilarious article only because it was completely made up and because the “writer” went to Harvard which is an embarrassment to the entire University. She had to attend a school for 4 years to the tune of  $40,000 a year to learn to write highly embellished articles that fit her liberal agenda? Many grade school dropouts would have done it for $50. The greatest part of that piece was when she called Christian friend and porn goon Sean Tompkins a “computer engineer” when he is a paid troll, criminal, agitator and ran a torrent site meant to help people steal porn and take money out of performer’s pockets. No computer training whatsoever. #FakeNews completely bogus story.


Christian XXX @christianxxx1 Mar 3

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Hahaha Donny Long is such a loser – hilarious article

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What is even funnier is a couple lines up, Christian tweets this:

  Christian XXX @christianxxx1 Mar 5

The hardest thing for me to wrap my head around in this biz is models who actively look for ways to turn down or get out of paid scenes. I spent years and still spend my time looking for every nickel, dime, and dollar I can cobble together every single day. #success

Listen, “Chief,” you’re still out there in your late 40’s being a penny pinching Jew and having to take every scene possible working with grannies, fattys and trannys because you AREN’T a success. We did an article recently about a Keiran Lee-Christianx Twitter war years ago where Christian tried to berate Keiran for not working as hard he does, well, Keiran has the Porsche, Ranger Rover and Cadillac in the driveway of the house he owns to prove that working smarter is better than working harder. Wians, for all his “hard work,” has an old Honda to get him to and from his scenes fucking 400 pound whales and mentally ill men with breast implants. No house, no family, no wife. #NotASuccess #Loser #Fail Christian really can’t find a more dignified way to make money at his age?

Oh, and those girls turn you down because you’re gross. There are things more important than money like the satisfaction of knowing they never had to put your diseased dick in them to pay their rent.

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