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FROM Straight Male God Owner of East Coast Talent John O’Byrne is a dirt bag

Its funny because they copied us using The Dirty Army like our PWL Army ahahhaha. We are posting this because he is the scamming fraudster scumbag suitcase pimp that got that lying whore Haley Boswell aka failed loser worthless lying porn hooker Lily Adams to lie about being raped and tries to pimp her out.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, John O’Byrne is a very low individual, lives in a hotel (extended stay in plantation FL) He can’t pull his own girls has to have the girls try to steal other agents girls on set, I personally got him a few myself. He steals your money. his contract isn’t under his name, so his contracts don’t mean anything. He is a convicted felon, he is a piece of shit drunk, that talks shit about everyone and everything, lies about everything, always trying to get the girls to stay in his hotel room so he can get us drunk and take advantage. lies about shoots he has booked just so you will come down and stay in his room. He is the guy in porn that represented a minor that shot underage. Does not check on other talents tests to make sure they are up to date, i told him i don’t do anal and he booked me for it and i looked so bad when i cancelled on set and i had to pay the “kill fee” for the day. He forces us to do black guys even if we are not comfortable doing the shoots, basically as long as he gets his money he doesn’t care about the girls. me and plenty others have left him and don’t look back. Also a bunch of companies wouldn’t book us because he burns to many bridges, Got so much more work since i left him. He will promise you the world but can’t fulfill.


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  1. “Its funny because they copied us using The Dirty Army like our PWL Army ahahhaha” Ummm no. The DSA “Dirty Scottsdale Army” has been around since 2007. Richie started the site for him and his drinking buddies to laugh at people but then as he put it in 2008 “it gotta bit out of hand”. Soon he said he had an army of followers. When he was finally outed after his DUI by the Smoking Gun in September 2008 he used the term army to describe his loyal fan base. If I’m not mistaken PWL began in 2010. Hooman started his in 2007. I know the original PWL was closer to AD format then The Dirty so I’m not saying PWL copied anything from The Dirty. Just saying I don’t think it was the other way around either.

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