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Fake Christian, Alexandra Mayers, has NEVER experienced racism

Alexandra Mayers for over a decade has used racism to play victim because she can’t take accountability for her faults and failures, she even blame she her own family. Mayers, who talks like and carries herself like a white person, has never been victimized by racism her whole life. Mayers doesn’t carry herself like a stereotype black person who has a bad rep, she carries herself like she’s white washed. Mayers is the opposite of Carlton Banks.

Mayers was lucky to have what Martin Luther King, JR and Malcolm X had fought for, which was growing up around people of different ethnicities, successful parents, and not knowing what it’s like to experience racism.

Mayers wasn’t paid less in porn because she’s black, she was paid less because she’s unattractive and a bad lay and fans didn’t like her.

Mayers uses the race card because it’s easy for her to play victim as she’s too lazy to work and achieve something in life. At he age of 39, what has Mayers accomplished other than putting herself into a huge legal debt and outed in court as a liar and a stalker? Nothing!

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