Failed teacher Joan Rucker Mayers of 623 Northwest 47th Terrace, Deerfield Beach, FL funding criminal terrorist


Joan Rucker Mayer is funding her criminal stalker daughter that is still ten years later making criminal terroristic threats online when she fails and cant get her way. Her daughter Alexandra Melody Mayers aka whore name Monica Foster the failed porn star and failed check taking hooker has been stalking us in the porn industry for almost a decade making threats and it still has not worked. #FAIL

The empty legal threats fail and then she resorts to terrorist threats to commit physical harm to a young pregnant women! Then back to more empty legal threats. When will her mother Joan Rucker Mayers throw her out of the house and make her get a fucking job or better yet lock her in a mental hospital where she belongs.

I bet mother Joan bought her another box of wine on this lovely Friday night and Monica will be drunk of her twitter and maybe youtube making more empty threats and failing some more so we can laugh at her some more. As God Long would say: DANCE MONKEY DANCE!