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Epoch.Com, LLC credit card merchant Scam fraud ripoff “I wrote to the FBI through emails and waiting for a response”

Seems this company of gay loving scumbags have a long history of scamming people and ripping people off if you just do a google search! Any porn company processing them will be losing money after we here are done with them very soon. Many visitors to your websites will not signup simply because of the amount of shit about Epoch that we are about to throw all over google from this .com and many more.

Better to keep with other Merchants and steer clear from Epoch and there bad reputation or people will attach your website to there bad rep and you will lose clients!

Look what I found here


I was taken for 4 Grand from the Epoch Billing Company. I never knew about this company taking 70 dollars from me a month from me. They took over $4,000.00 from my debit, checking account. I just found out this week.
Someone else, used my card number to purchase memberships I never heard of, and Epoch is the billing company, they even admitted it that I was not the the one who ordered the memberships. Never did Epoch ever emailed me that I had an account with them. This is 5 years,… this went on.

Why would Bank of America let this happen to me? This is a scam company that takes money from people all over the world. Look at, Complaints Epoch. I wrote to the FBI through emails and waiting for a response. What can you do since it went through a Visa Stamped Debit card from Bank of America. How is a person suppose to know if a money was taken out of an account if they never ordered anything?

I noticed Epoch this week on my bank statement.. I thought it was insurance. Who is the bank that ordered this transaction? I have been with Bank of America for 20 years. I never had a problem until this past week, I thought. But I did have a major problem for 5 years and never new it. This is a world wide problem with Epoch.
They did return 60 days back to me but they still took 58 months times $70.00

San Leandro, California

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