Emma Hix proving to be a diva


Emma Hix looks to be a drama queen and a diva that is hard to work with by reading her Twitter feed. She acted like a tough guy in the forum here but then went and cried in PM to a PWL forum member because he posted info about her that is already out there on the internet in the public domain. She tried to make that member feel guilty by telling him that she was suicidal and demanded that he get that info removed. Now she is throwing directors under the bus in public.

She must be gay mafia because she is getting support on Twitter that she would never be getting if she spoke against the almighty gay mafia hate group. She threw that director under the bus and now piles on after he apologized like a pussy but he had no choice. He would have been run out of the industry if he didn’t cave like a pussy. He probably still will be.

Emma Hix should have a wiki that details her diva attitude, bullying of fans, forum members and directors. It is also well known hat she has fan bois (Most likely girls or herself) that are rude, aggressive and abusive to anyone that stands up to her bullying, abuse and victim act.

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