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Edward Bernard Prydzial aka Eddie Dzial contact info exposed

Edward Bernard Prydzial aka Eddie Dzial aka porno stalker loser criminal exiled scumbag lying HIV ridden homosexuals contact info exposed and debunked. So this faggot is not just using the name @realgeneross and Donny Long and tons of others to stalk his victims but also using a whole sig of info that is all fake. When he emails you he puts in the sig at the bottom of the email:

“eddie dzial – [email protected]
emerald city productions, inc.
telephone 323.632.4512
1615 wilcox avenue north # 3919 los angeles, california 90028
ecpi-box 3919 hollywood, ca. 90078
ha®dco®e ™ po®nsta®b®and ™ pornstarbrand of beverly hills, ca.

323.525.8007 voice

ecpi-box 712 beverly hills, ca. 90213

325 N. Maple Drive Beverly Hills, CA. 90213 – 310.407.9413″
Now lets take a look at this info shall we! Emerald City Productions, Inc as you can see from a simple google search has nothing to do with Edward and Edward has no rights to it what so ever. my guess is again is someone that Edward is jealous of that didnt fail like Edward that he is libeling and slandering by using there name. Next lets call telephone 323.632.4512
and you will get a voicemail which is not Edwards and if you leave a message you will not get a call back.
Now lets try 1615 wilcox avenue north # 3919 los angeles, california 90028
and when you google it you will see not just its the address of a post office but also get this thread:!msg/youtube/4-qOkgY4-pE/7bJjqPjw9QoJ where people are talking about stalker Edward and his fake address:

“Uživatel Taedia Fortunata řekl:

be careful people the troll taedia ampliata fortunata will post people’s address info online here. if you go here:

This is the fake address Przydzial uses:

“andre g. abbott esq. 1615 wilcox avenue north # 3919 los angeles, ca.
violating google terms of service.
This is the copy-paste Spam I was referring to JDoors.
Edward Przydzial is spreading this rumor around calling me a liar.”

jeeeee Edward looks like the internet never forgets eeeehhhh lying homo?

Ok now lets try his next fake address of “ecpi-box 3919 hollywood, ca. 90078”   which if you google it its also fake and the only place you will find it is from Edward posting it on his fake pages like:

Now lets try his second phone number of “323.525.8007 voice” Disconnected! AHHAHAA This guy is king of fakenews and FAIL just like Alexandra melody Mayers. he is the only faggot in the world dumber than a hooker that takes rubber checks!

Ok now for “ecpi-box 712 beverly hills, ca. 90213″  which comes up with no results again as a real address on google and only 2 results posted by Edward where he is posting others stolen porn pictures claiming them to be his own with his fake nonexistent company of “pornstarbrand”.

Now for the Epic kick himself retard move only someone as dumb as the crosseyed bucked tooth monkey check taking hooker would do. While he has been attaching this link ha®dco®e ™ po®nsta®b®and ™ pornstarbrand of beverly hills, ca.

to a PWL thread he created and thought it was good we edited to kick Edward with the truth years ago after he got banned and he never even knew. He has no clue for years he has been sending people to click a link that exposes his bullshit and he has been kicking himself yet again. Its fun kicking this autistic homosexual retard with AIDS it really is!

Now for his last address “325 N. Maple Drive Beverly Hills, CA. 90213 -”

and AGAIN it is a post office if you google it which Edward does not own or have even a box at lol.

And for the last one which is always the best one. Call it and ask for Edward when a Mexican lady comes on and she will tell you there has never been a Edward there at that number and that you have a wrong number.


So while coward keyboard warrior kick himself homo with AIDS Edward is hiding in mamas house in Athens Greece in his wheelchair shitting and pissing on himself in his basement dreaming he could come back to the USA without getting killed or locked up for life and dreaming he could have done a porno and became a famous pornstar in straight porn instead of taking it up the ass from a nigger from gay porn with AIDS we sit her laughing at him. Edward please popoff again so we can kick you again. Next up kicking his daughter that disowned him and hates him and took her step dads name!

Edward loves that nigger dick up his gay asshole!

Eddoe bend over we are driving homo:


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