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Eddie Dzial still lying claiming he did nothing wrong hahahahahaha – ALL FAGS DO IS LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE

This dumb HIV infested homosexual Edward Bernard Przydzial AKA Eddie Dzial aka pornstarbrand aka Emerald City Records aka Emerald City Productions got exposed as being the moron that went to jail for kid napping his exwife and own child only to end up having the arresting officer marry Eddies wife and raise his daughter changing her last name to his own also and having her call him dad and then running Edward out of the USA where he belongs.

Most recently we exposed that Edward is not and never has been a porn star of any kind and was a fanboi XTP troll that was banned and failed off the XTP forum many of times, which a mod there confirmed that not just that but Edward makes fake photoshop porn pix with his face and his brand name “pornstarbrand” with porn pix of girls that companies shot.

This dumb faggot is now trying to claim he didnt make the photo and or post it and we did but we have even more prove he is lying yet again and that he did post it. Yea people just want to do photoshops of Edward with girls! YEA SURE! First lets look in google images shall we.  Search pornstarbrand Eddie Dzial and look closely at all the fake photos of Edward and you will see its his head photoshoped in the photos with the girls and not real. NONE OF THEM ARE REAL!

Look at this photo where he photoshopped half his stomach up and another guys dick and legs. See the color difference?

Now you ask where I foudn these photos? Well Eddie spamming away sent them in and we delete them all the time. He also sends in photoshoped gays of Donny about everyday we delete. This homos HIV has his head on fire. Look below.

Now whats more funny is these same photos can be found in google images linked to free sites Edward posted them on many years ago to now but if you run over and click google videos for pornstarbrand Eddie dzial

there is not one signle porn video with him in it other than two Eddie have placed there titling them with his name but its not him in the video. More funny is what a fail Edward is because when he stole these videos and renamed them with his name he forgot to check for mid video watermarks like this one below.

You ask yourself what kind of sicko stalker idiot faggot with AIDs waste his time doing such things online? Well the same idiot that calls himself Emerald City Records and Emerald City Productions and post more fake photoshops of band like KISS that Edward was sued in court for copyright over.

and then claims he is a company named Emerald City Productions INC which is really owned by someone else

Oh wait there is much much more! in the coming post I will go more into details about this faggot and his AIDS condition and his daughter and all the fake shit he does online while hiding at his mothers house in Greece. Stay Tuned!

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