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E.B. Prydzial uses his FAKE Gene Ross Twitter as a political blog and family photo album

Why would Gene Ross post photos of Eddie Dzial on Twitter with the homosexuals from KISS? Because that is what Eddie’s fake Gene Ross Twitter does all day. Eddie should at least try to make that account believable. The real Gene has never heard of Eddie just like 99% of porn industry people and fans. The fucker doesn’t even have an iafd page.

Above we see a 20 year old Eddie being strangled by Gene Simmons to Eddie’s delight. This was the highlight of the now 65 year old Prydzial’s life.

Eddie also uses the account to make up lies about the wildly successful DON’S MOBILE MARINE which was shut due to Hurricane Katrina. Eddie of course lies and says the business failed but the Detrot dipshit never lived in a tropical area that is prone to hurricanes. Katrina was devastating but not to Donny Long who turned the tragedy into an opportunity for a second career.

Not a single one of Eddie’s  posts were favored or retweeted and this surpasses even Monica Foster levels of insignificance.

Eddie also uses the feed to post links to his low traffic blogs that no one visits or ever will visit. Meanwhile PWL gets hundreds of thousands of hits every day. Eddie’s reputation permanently ruined by the PWL juggernaut.

We will remind Eddie that we will fight him any day here on our blog. Any time, tough guy and use your real name when your submit your challenges.




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