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Dwight Cunningham aka Dave From The Luxury Companion the industries biggest back stabber

Dwight Cunningham aka Dave From The Luxury Companion is a suitcase pimp that runs an illegal escort agency at and good friends and partners with gay suitcase pimp British criminal Derek Andrew Hay aka Derek Hay aka Ben English owner of which also has many mafia connections mostly gay mafia in Los Angeles.

Dave which has had many run ins with the law including shooting a gun at John Forbush thinks he is above the law and smarter than everyone else. He has very high up Los Angeles gang connections including inside the police and courts and thats why he is always let go into a free man after he commits a crime even shooting someone.

Because I was what I thought a friend to Dave at one time or another I am not going to get into too many details as of yet and ruin his life like I can because I know way too much and have way to much on him but I am going to throw this out there because he seems to think he is smarter than us all and can stab us all in the back and we wont know.

Its turning out to look like that he is the industries biggest back stabber and the industries biggest enemies number one source.

Dave was warned many many many many times that Monica Foster aka Alexandra Melody Mayers [A serial online terrorist that stalks, libels, slanders and harasses about everyone in porn] is not to be trusted and will turn on him because she has mental problems but Dave didnt listen. Dave seems to have been going behind many peoples back talking shit about them to Monica and having Monica attacking them just to save himself from attacks from her against himself. See image below Monica posted of a converstation between her and him.

There is much much more to all this coming soon so stick around :]

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