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Donny Long takes care of Edward Bernard Pussdzial and Alexandra Mayers

Donny Long walks in on Eddie Dzial and Alexandra Mayers illegal business and teaches them a lesson. Both are left injured and crying.

Donny enters the premises and first hits a black sex pervert over the head with a baseball bat in the lobby before backhanding Mayers, putting her in a choke hold and then smashing his way into the private part of the business.

Next, Donny drops the bat and gets out his gun and begins firing warning shots while shoving whores and sex perverts to the side.

Finally, Donny enters Eddie’s office in the back. Before Eddie can take out his weapon (Because pussy Eddie needs weapons to fight), Donny takes out a club and beats the shit out of the Polish Pussy before dropping the club and shooting Eddie in the kneecap, permanently disabling the Polish queer.

Donny takes his attention to Mayers now and punches her out. While Mayers is on the floor crying, Donny kicks her and spits on her while berating her verbally.

Donny then takes all the cash from the illegal business and leaves.

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