Donny Long fixing all of criminal stalker Alexandra Melody Mayers aka Monica Foster’s tweets! EPIC! Get your popcorn!

This whole dumb criminal family keeps kicking themselves every time they popoff as always! This is just pure comedy gold watching these idiots make Donny kick them! Alexandra Melody Mayers aka Monica Foster, Joan Rucker Mayers 623 Northwest 47th Terrace Deerfield Beach FL, Victoria V Mayers and Ivan Leacock Mayers are the biggest morons on the planet! KEEPING KICKING YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY YOU DUMB WHORE! DANCE MONKEY DANCE!

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I suspect the operators of Ivan Leacock Mayers have given Joan Rucker Mayers money over the years because in time, they’ll be adding Victoria V Mayers son to their roster of available boys for hire. First Joan Pimped her daughter into porn – next likely Victoria’s kids.

I hope this isn’t true, but I’ve been told Alexandra Melody Mayers plans to market her sister Victoria V Mayers boy in the gay pornography industry the day he turns 18 but will start shooting content of him with his Aunt to market overseas when he’s 15. CPS needs to investigate.

Attention law enforcement or private detectives looking into Joan Rucker Mayers and Alexandra Melody Mayers – sometimes she claims to have a gay father named Ivan Leacock Mayers. Other times she claims to just have a sister named Victoria V Mayers and she does this to hide facts.

10m10 minutes ago

  is front for child porn & a child operation linked to Ivan Leacock Mayers (Joan Rucker Mayers specifically). I have reported this to the and police. I believe nothing has been done because it’s

like Joan Rucker Mayers routinely talk about how much they’re into young little boys on their forums. That’s because they’re PEDOPHILES and they’re trying to normalize sex with kids by pushing the concept through hate groups & calling it “free speech”.

Donny Long Wins Again Retweeted Alanah Pearce

Agreed. The women behind Alexandra Melody Mayers & Joan Rucker Mayers are involved in child porn & are . Alexandra’s father Ivan Leacock Mayers is the leader of the operation. All 3 deserve the worst – pure .

Donny Long Wins Again added,

“Things are changing” The only thing changing is the color of your stank pussy hairs

“Things are changing because the truth is known now.” The only truth is that you are a dumb failed whore that likes to kick yourself that ALWAYS has been a loser and ALWAYS will be! Here is another TRUTH FOR YOU AND WRITE THIS ONE DOWN AND STUDY IT

U can threaten me with whatever you want but I dont care & will only come at you harder when you make these empty threats! I dont live in Florida & dont own anything on paper in the USA & never will so go wipe your dirty pussy with your court papers you dumb failed whore!

Why are some people so dumb after ten years of kicking themselves to not learn thats all they will ever do when they try to kick me or others around me. KICK THE BULL YOU GET THE HORN YOU DUMB FAILED WHORE!

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  1. porn wiki leaks | December 6, 2018 at 2:37 am | Reply

    The bucked tooth cock eyed terrorist loves kicking herself and her family!

  2. Ivan Leacock Mayers | December 6, 2018 at 2:38 am | Reply

    Joan Rucker Mayers needs to be sued and put in jail for funding her daughters crimes. Its her name on the internet bill so a lawyer could get it done.

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