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Does Hollywood actor Alan Delabie contribute to racism, cyber bullying, and stalking?

Alan Delabie has recently proved that he’s not an accomplished nor an important actor in Hollywood as he has now associated himself with well-documented stalker, cyber bully, and defamer Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster! He did a recent interview with her, which won’t help his career at all especially when producers and talent agencies here in the United States do a background check on Alexandra Mayers and they discover her court recorded history of stalking and defaming innocent people.

How did these two meet? Why did this nobody of an actor agree to be interviewed by a woman who promotes racism and has a huge history of making threats of violence and even death threats to people via Twitter? Obviously Alan Delabie isn’t too smart and has associated himself with a dangerous nutjob who will stalk and defame him if he tries to cut his connections with her.

We all know that Alexandra Mayers likes to kiss ass and beg, did she beg Alan Delabie for money so she can go out and buy more beer? Is Alan Delabie now contributing to racism, hate, cyber bullying, and stalking by involving himself with a woman who has been proven in Las Vegas court by Judge Bare that she is all aforementioned?

Are we attacking Alan Delabie in any way? No! For the past 8 years, everyone who has been friendly with Alexandra Mayers have helped contribute to her online stalking and bullying of people that she’s jealous of.

No successful artist would ever agree to do an unprofessional interview with a failed sex worker and a woman who looks like a monkey! Looks like Alan Delabie will be dragged through the courts and be investigated for possible contribution of online stalking and bullying!

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