Does Derek Hay Own TLC The Luxury Companion?

So back in 2011 Donny Long over on his blog site exposed the FACT that Derek Hay’s LA Direct Models website was hosted on the same server as TLC, then we here at PWL linked to it on our forum here

Because of this we believed it to be true that Derek Hay owned TLC but it just was not the case!

Derek was employing a guy named Simon to do his web design work full time in Derek’s office and [which Simon use to work in joel from Gold Stars office]], Big love talent, 101 modeling,
La direct, 101 modeling all have the same backend software I am told. Simon fucked up and built TLC on Derek’s dime while working for Derek in Derek’s office and kept the site on Derek’s server but in fact Derek didn’t even know about the site or company. Derek never had anything to do with TLC!

He really built the “ sexy secret “ escort site was a infact built by simon an illegal immigrant from the UK, Btw faced Credit card fraud back then. He built many independent escort sites for girls and sexy secret and 101 modeling also.

Now fast forward to 2019 and this NBC writer Dan Przygoda makes a whole documentary movie about Derek Hay and his crimes of abuse against women and drags TLC into the picture. Dan is mistaken when he attached TLC to Derek as TLC reps whores from all different agencies and not just Derek. One thing that is a fact is gold digging whores ALWAYS will run to where the money is and protection and TLC gives there models plenty of money and also is very protective of there models.

At the end of the day tlc is known to overly protect its girls and MOST of the TLC roster is not from la direct
It’s random!

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