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Desiree Brennan Punked Out Via Text Message

Desiree Brennan got punked out via text message. Despite all the shit that she talks, she’s just a cowardly keyboard warrior who attacks people that have more than her and have had and are having a better life than her. Tristan Stadtmuller got her phone number and PUNKED her out after she REFUSED to answer her phone because she was too scared and she knew that her feelings would get hurt. All that this fat fuck life failure who isn’t capable of getting a man to become attracted to her can do, is hide behind fictitious accounts while hiding her identity. She’s insecure about her weight and she thinks that talking shit from behind a computer is her way of being able to bully people to make up for her life of being bullied. You should of heard her voicemail greeting, a deep voice that’s not sexy and has no confidence, a true loser. Yet she claims that she’s a survivor, yeah ok! Lmao

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