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Desiree Brennan & her land of make believe

Fat fuck, super unattractive, artist reject, Desiree Brennan is a major online joke. This fat coward, who obviously grew up being rejected by all the cool kids and all the guys (even the ugly ones), just can’t accept the fact that Twitter doesn’t give a shit about her, especially Goddess Vienna.

A little birdie had told me that it was hilarious being able to hear her voice with her voicemail greeting. He said that you can easily tell that she’s not only BIG, but she has no confidence in herself, WHY WOULD SHE? She’s HUGE and UNATTRACTIVE! How many times a week do men ask her out? NONE! How often does men try to fuck her? NONE! I bet she didn’t even have a date to her prom, maybe it was just one of her cousins.

Desiree Brennan trolls people and harasses/stalks people from Ficticous accounts because it’s her way of dealing with how she was bullied as a kid and how even at her age, she’s still a loser and a reject.

She’s been rejected for her weight and her looks. She’s been rejected as an actress (even that fat girl in ‘Precious’ succeeded as an actress) she’s been rejected as an artist. She’s been rejected by people in general for just about everything else.

Donny Long doesn’t care about Desiree Brennan because she’s just one of those ECHO people who alienate groups and tags along and nobody likes them! Hell, Goddess Vienna can give two flying fucks about Desiree.

Desiree Brennan represents all that is wrong with America. Parents need to raise their kids to become confident in themselves, that being obese isn’t a good thing, take pride in yourself so you can look halfway decent, and use your brain! Unfortunately, Desiree Brennan has gone through life without any of this.

It’s funny as hell though how she takes pride in her Twitter, yet none of her followers give two shits what she tweets, lol! From it being her birthday to her being in the hospital, fucking loser. Even JULES didn’t truly like her.

You’ll never see this bitch in Vegas. She’ll end up going by herself. Fat fuck changed her number because she can’t handle a true confrontation, she knows that her feelings would end up getting hurt and she’ll end up crying. Just like she cries that no man could ever want her.

Going through life fugly and stupid is pathetic.

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